A heart felt thank you

Today I reached my 440th sale which is incredible, as many of you will have noticed/read from my posts LP Resin Heaven Arts has moved over from the previous selling platform and during that process it brought many bitter sweet emotions, as I slowly close down my original selling platform I look back at months of grafting, advertising and effort (what an amazing journey).

Over this last year I have come so far, it’s been a huge learning curve with a whirlwind of emotions and looking back at all of the sales, reviews and changes I honestly have to pinch myself that I am now a successful owner of a small business, which I absolutely love. 

Without all of my followers and supporters I wouldn’t be here today, some have been with me from the very start and watched the changes yet still returned with more custom many months later.

I would also like to say I have so many orders stuck in my mind that will never be forgotten and some had notes included with hilarious stories or pictures making me smile on a day of lows, some notes made me cry because the shared story was so personal and some made me cry and laugh all at once.

I feel so honoured that you have shared and trusted me with such precious memories from moments in your life. 

Without you all, I would not be following my dream or where I am today, from the bottom of my heart- I thank you. 

Heres to another year of grafting, sharing and keeping those memories alive.