Hi there happy new year. My current turnaround time is estimated at 4-6 weeks as of Jan 2022, this is from date your inclusion arrives in my studio. Before making a purchase please do read through my business terms on my front page. Any questions or to discuss a custom order please do get in touch. Thank you for supporting a small business. Louise

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DNA inclusion jewellery

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'Memories you can touch'

I ordered a ring for my husband and its absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much. Makes a beautiful sentimental gift. It contains my breastmilk and a small piece of our baby’s hair, which you can see very well. Lovely colours! Obviously it takes a little while as the breastmilk needs to be preserved, but its truly worth the wait. Also to add, it comes beautifully packaged! Great communication from the seller, highly recommend.


The best service I have ever had! Continual communication throughout the process and I was so impressed with the video of the finished product! The attention to detail when the package arrived was wonderful, a real personal touch! would definitely recommend!

Lauren R

This made me shed a tear. It's so beautiful and such a fitting tribute to our womb baby. I didn't know I needed a keepsake like this till I came across this shop but it's exactly what I need. Genuine and caring customer service too.

Cheryl S

What a lovely item! The seller is absolutely lovely too. Thank you so much for giving us something to remind us of our angel babies x

Rachel R

Unique precious materials inclusion

Do you have something precious that you would like to capture in time? A flower petal, precious fibres, pregnancy test, gravel from a graveside, special stones etc.

There is no item too unique, please message me on social media if you would like to discuss what precious inclusion item can be added.

Ashes inclusion

Turn your precious loved ones ashes into a memory you can hold and keep close to the heart.

Ashes jewellery can be created in a variety of colours and styles to suit your loved ones personality.

We know how daunting it can be ordering online, which is why I am available to chat, text or message via social media if you would like to discuss your request further.

Breast milk jewellery

Unique handmade breast milk jewellery made here in Hampshire in the UK.

If you are a nursing mum who is looking to celebrate their achievements of the breastfeeding journey, then look no further. Each item is lovingly handmade to be unique to you.

Why should I use LP Resin Heaven arts?

That’s simple I offer a personal service from start to finish! I pride myself on keeping in touch with updates of the journey your inclusion item is on. I offer competitive prices in the hope they are affordable to all.

How much is the jewellery?

Each item is individually priced, please refer to the shop section to view the available items. This price includes the return postage 2nd class signed.

Do you do custom work?

Yes absolutely, I do love a challenge and I love to make them as unique as possible. If you would like a custom order please get it touch first via social media to discuss this with me.

How do I get my inclusion to you?

Once your order is confirmed an order pack will be posted out to you. This will include your order form, return label, ring gauge (if needed) and a 5ml pot or small bag to pop the inclusion in. Your completed order is posted out to you signed delivery and this is included in the quoted price, however you are responsible for the postage and postage cost of returning your order pack. If you are posting something incredibly precious please consider sending it tracked and not all of the inclusion, I am not responsible for any missing or undelivered post.

What happens if the item I ordered is out of stock with the supplier?

All jewellery is by order only from my suppliers, as this is a small business I do not hold bulk stock. I try to keep this shop as up to date as much as possible however items can go out of stock at any time. This can particularly be the case with sizeable rings as these can only be ordered once you have confirmed your size on the returned order form. If this happens an alternative will be offered, or a full refund will be given if you do not want an alternative.

Can you work with frozen milk? Will the milk go bad while being posted?

Frozen milk is no problem, however please defrost in the fridge the night before posting as frozen liquids do not travel well. As the milk is not being consumed it takes a very long time before I am unable to preserve it.

Do you include the positive part of a pregnancy test in your work?

Yes however only when it is asked, if you would like the positive section included please leave me a note on your order form.

Why do you not include the entire positive strip so that it can be seen in your work?

Sadly some tests over time fades and so doesn't last, it's not also guaranteed this part will stay intact once its removed.

Are items full silver?, I can’t see a hallmark on all of them?.

Please check item description as material type is noted on a individual basis.

All sterling silver items are British hallmark quality solid silver {925} most items are stamped sil or 925. Only items over 7.8 grams legally need a hallmark however most items have them.

Does my pendant come with a necklace?

Yes all pendants come with a 18 inch solid curb chain which is included in the price.  

How should I care for my jewellery?

Avoid getting it in contact with hairspray, moisturiser, nail polish remover, perfume or any chemicals. Avoid wearing it in the shower or a swimming pool, and avoid contact with water in general, including washing your hands. To keep the longevity of this item it’s not recommended wearing on a daily basis. If you do wear it excessively, please be aware like other materials resin can get scratched and show signs of wear.

Will my item go yellow or change colour?

Sadly over time resin can be known to discolour due to many factors, although the main cause it degrades is due to UV light. This is a natural process (UV light is typically always harmful to everything on earth over time) and perfectly normal but can be slowed. When not in use please store in a cool, dry place, a dark jewellery box would be ideal, keep out of direct sunlight and heat.

I use high quality, well tested resin to delay any ageing process. I am pleased to say to date I have had no reports of any colour changes however this is always a risk with this type of jewellery.

I have seen you on TikTok can you tag me in a video of my completed item?

I will do my best to make a video of your item however its not always possible with the workload I have. If you would like to be included in a video please leave your user name on your order form, you can also message me via social media with additional photo's if you would like to add to the video.

What if I want to cancel my order?

If you have changed your mind and no longer wish to order I offer a 24 hour cooling off period in which a full refund will be issued. Anything after the 24 hours will be charged at a 50% refund due to admin costs and ordering of your jewellery from the supplier which is non returnable.

What if my item is damaged?

I am incredibly proud of my work and so stand by what I have made.
Every item is inspected before posting out to you to make sure it is perfect. You have 3 months to report any faults, discolouration’s or breakages. It is important the care advice leaflet sent with every order is followed, if a order is returned due to obvious water damage or rough use then this will not be re-made.

Please be advised items sold with Swarovski crystals are not covered with my 3 months guarantee if the smaller stones are to become loose. All stones will be checked before posting however due to not setting these stones I am unable to offer a replacement if stones are to drop out or become loose.

Why does my jewellery have an imperfection?

Your item is handmade and unique. Please note that you are purchasing a handmade item which is not factory made. Very small imperfections are common in such items, but this will not impact on the functionality of the piece. If you are unhappy with the way your order has arrived, please quickly get in touch.

How long will my order take?

The turnaround time for all custom jewellery is 6-8 weeks from the date the inclusion item arrives in my studio. Please keep in mind I am a mum to three young girls and work by myself, I will do my best to complete your order as quick as possible however I do not work on weekends. If you would like your item made quickly there is a limited ‘rush my order’ option available.

Why has my silver gone rusty?

Silver does not rust however it can tarnish; the environment is a big factor to this. Please use the polishing cloth provided to keep your jewellery clean and store in a dry, cool, dark place when not in use.

Do you ship internationally?

Sadly I do not ship inclusion jewellery internationally apart from test inclusions. There are strict rules about bodily fluids and DNA passing through customs.

However my womb babies can be shippers internationally to certain countries.

How do I get in touch to discuss a custom order?

Please find me on social media @ LP Resin Heaven Arts and send me a message via my page, whatsapp or messenger.

I look forward to hearing with you.

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